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to get the lights baton. bge is reporting just over 7200 outages in maryland. if pepco is reporting nearly 2100 in d.c., prince george's, and montgomery counties. dominion is reporting nearly 700 in northern virginia. >>> wheaton and our top story, a traffic alert for people driving into the district. phase three of the 14th street bridge rehab project is underway. that means a new traffic pattern for the 200,000 drivers crossing it on a daily basis. brianne carter is live in arlington with what you can expect. on this expect good morning. >> good morning. the middle lane is shut down for the rehabilitation work. plenty of signs out here directing traffic on either side of that closure. we are starting to see more volume and low back up, something we expect all morning. -- and a little backup. on the 14th street bridge, the monday morning commute could come with some trouble. >> in the morning there's a point in time where nothing moves. >> they're beginning work on the third phase of the rehabilitation project in the middle lanes and half of the lens of the bridge. >> it is planned
of the live rain is still in the great state of maryland. a few sprinkles coming along interstate 270 down through frederick, maryland, into upper montgomery county. some showers in howard county, maryland, drifting southbound into northern prince george's and northern anne arundel. plenty of clouds left. a few light rain showers. certainly, not more than about .10 of an inch of rain at the most. with the afternoon clearing, warm today. a little break or two of sunshine. temperatures will quickly climb into the mid and upper 80s. out west towards the blue ridge, because they will get the sunshine first. >> thank you, chuck. montgomery county police are investigating after a man was shot and killed near wheaton high school. police say they found the 27-year-old man on randolph rode around 1:00 a.m. when they responded to the area for a call of shots fired. the man was suffering from at least one gunshot wound and died at the scene. around an hour later, police say another 27-year-old man walked into a nearby police station and turned himself in. >>> he related that he was involved and respo
earlier this morning that came through western maryland, panhandle ofl west virginia and into northern maryland. that's up into southern pennsylvania, near york pennsylvania and continuing to move off to the east. it is up to 87 in washington. the heat is on even with the cloud cover. it has warmed into the mid and upper 80s, not only here but around the bay and the eastern shore. it is in the 80s around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. over the last 12 hours, we have had this cloud cover coming in in advance of a weak front way out in the midwest. it's going to bring a bit of welcomed relief by the end of the week. for this afternoon, partly sunny, humid, a chance of a passing thunderstorm between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. highs reach the low and mid-90s. a look at the rest of the week and some changes on the way and the weekend as well. that will be coming up in a few minutes. stay tuned. >>> we'll see you in a few minutes. vre is already expanding its new express train service just one day after it started. the new service from fredericksburg to union station ran the inaugural trip ye
and muggy weather all over maryland tonight. a live look outside. still lots of clouds lingering after a day of rain showers. wjz is live with first warning weather. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods tracking weather for us. >>> still a few showers around. not a whole lot. a few areas getting even one or two very small thundershowers. a little light rain from newark to elkton. and the galena area. and we found this one little thundershower just along the mason-dixon line, heading down toward manchester, to the east of westminster. and a few light showers from tois towson -- from towson to the jarrettsville area. and one little cell popped up in northern montgomery county. that's headed toward western howard county. we're still not done totally with the rain. most areas will be dry. but until probably 7:00, 8:00, we'll have a few of these showers. speaking of these showers, bernadette woods with a few of the rainfall amounts we've seen. >> just in this last round of rain, not even the one from two nights ago. these are the numbers we're seeing 2.69 inches in towson. columbia, 2 1/2
. around the eastern shore it's in the mid-70s mountains of of western maryland, mid-60s this morning. over the past 12 hours, we had the showers passing mainly to the south of washington and those are pulling away. there are still a few lingering showers in northeastern maryland moving to the east. we have another disturbance approaching us later today that may bring us late afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. before that it should be partly cloudy with highs reaching the mid-90s today. remaining steamy tonight and tomorrow. during the day on wednesday, morning lows mid-70s afternoons again into the mid to low 90s. then lower humidity ought move am briefly. highs in the mid-90s both days. >> it's looking pretty good as we get going here. along the 95 corridor, right now fredericksburg all the way up to the beltway and 395, should find all lanes open. let's head to the american legion bridge. authorities are dealing with an accident on the outer loop. single car accident. somebody smacked into the jersey wall. fire and rescue crews are on the scene. volume is so light it's not creati
including james mchenry rec center. maryland on day 3 of this heat wave. still hot and steamy as we move into the evening. sun going down isn't degree to -- going to provide that much relief. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods who you see there are updating our numbers. >>> let's take a look at our watches and advisories still in effect because of the heat. and temperatures in the urban areas. take a look at the graphic. also, many areas, because it's been so dry, there's a red flag warning for fire danger. particularly, be careful if you're doing any cookouts or whatnot. we have excessive heat warning in the philadelphia area. and heat watches in effect and heat advisories. what is the current temperature? it just came in actually, about a second ago, at 100 degrees. actually dropped 1 degree. and the dew point just dropped one degree to 64. which makes the current heat index, just dropped from 105 to 103. so it's still pretty horrible out there. and still a minute to go is dropped about 105 in easton. extreme temperatures in the region. there is some relief coming. we'll
the overhead sign that says delays. let's go to newschopper 7. look at what's happening on 95 in maryland, not much between the icc work in laurel down to the beltway. nothing at college park and greenbelt. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> more water problems in potomac, maryland. a massive water main breaks and a geyser of water if shooting into the sky on wednesday afternoon. crews have stopped the leak, but the repair work on south glenn road will last all morning. -- south glen. >> water shooting 100 feet. >> the intersection of south glen and deep glen in potomac resembled a well-known tourist attraction. >> if it reminded me of niagara falls. >> the pipes serving the city of rockville ruptured under the asphalt, sending a toweling pool of water into the sky. >> it is a lot of water. a shower or in the neighborhood with millions of gallons, raining debris down onto roads and yards that resembled rivers. >> i hope it does not lead us out. >> a driver on his cell phone drove by the geyser and made it through despite being blinded for a few seconds by the water. >> it is a big failure
. -- thousands went without. pepco is planning to work with the council. rupp >>> bill, maryland -- rockville residents can rest easy now that a second water main repair is complete. >>> two men are in custody after a impersonating police officers. courtney robinson is reporting from langley park. >> we understand from two sources that at least one of these men worked as a security guard for a company that provides security for a bid for a station apartments, where everything took place early yesterday morning. the victims are also residents of this apartment complex. according to prince george's county police, around 3:30 yesterday morning daniel blaylock and kennedy ventura approach the victim's on 15th avenue in the black suv with flashing lights. they showed badges and and they robbed the victims. we spoke with one man who did not want to go on camera because he knows both of these men, but says that he's not surprised. he had heard about similar things happening with other security guards. >> you are not even safe even though you have security. you have to deal with the day- to-day situa
of maryland, because bob ehrlich, who was governor of maryland and chose michael steele to be his running mate, is going to be pilloried because michael steele is being attacked by every republican in shoe leather, including charles krauthammer. this is the kind of judgment you have, to pick michael steele? >> it does not help barack obama, though. >> that's right, and the irony is that this is the time that republicans should be a triumphant. instead, michael steele's distraction has them back on their heels. people knew he was not a great manager or a fundraiser, but they said he was great on message. that has not exactly turned out. we have gone back and forth on this. by now "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to take the house. we changed that this week and michael steele's distracting is hurting fundraising. >> this is the year where republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on it. they have michael steele, they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis to an ant, an
, the race for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, who was governor of maryland and chose michael steele to be his running mate, is going to be pilloried because michael steele is being attacked a republican in shoe leather, including charles krauthammer. this the kind of judgment you have, to pick up michael steele? >> it does not help barack obama. his bold, is still -- his poll numbers still stink. >> republicans should be triumphant and michael still has the back on their heels. people said, oh, he is great on message. that is not how it turned out. we have gone back and forth on this call. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we change that this week, and michael steele is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the year or republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, and discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on each. they have michael steele, they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis tho an ant and the congressman whose name escapes me -- >> joe barton prepar.
for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, governor of maryland, chose michael steele to be his running mate, and he will be pilloried because michael steele is being w attacked by every republican, including charles krauthammer. this was the judgment you have, to choose michael steele? >> this does not help barack obama. his poll numbers still sting. >> absolutely. republicans should be rampant, but michael steele has them back on their heels. -- republicans should be trying that, but michael still has them back on their heels. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we changed that this week, and michael steele's distracting is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on it. they have michael steele, they have done better comparing -- they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis to an ant and the congressman who made mistakes -- >> joe barton. >> joe barton -- i don't want to remember -- >>
-down car on the beltway at liberty road has been taken care of. in maryland closed about 4, pennsylvania avenue, traveling near andrews air force base, decided to build a it looks great. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:11. the post office honoring those who played in the negro baseball leagues. a pair of commemorative stamps will be dedicated during ceremonies at the negro leagues baseball museum in kansas city. one of them shows a close play at home plat ande. the other honors andrew "rube" foster, the founder of the negro leagues. >>> 73 degrees. >>>> a new safety warning from the federal government on a baby crib. >>> most physicians have probably stopped prescribing it. >> avandia will stay on market. >>> a revolutionary medical procedure >>> the oil spill in the gulf of mexico is starting to take a toll on wildlife. continuing to take a toll. oil has affected hundreds of birds on an island off the louisiana coast. wildlife officials have only seen 68 affected pelicans in the area. bp has found a leak in the new cat on the oil well. -- new cap. >>> worker was on the steps of a dump
. >>> maryland's gamble on slots is in the hands of voters. anne arundel county residents have a right to decide whether a proposed casino will be built there. the planned casino near hanover, may not go forward if voters don't approve zoning. if voters give a thumbs up they would have 4,750 slot machines. >>> a bank robber with a romantic side. >>> you may think your electric bill is too high. marge what the gay lord hotel at national harbor pay every month. not as much as you might think. >>> a woman gets hit by lightning while at work. >>> coming up at 4:45, we go along with montgomery county officers on the prowl for pot plants. >>> a bank robber in new york city decided to say it with flowers. he came into the bank of manhattan armed with a bouquet. he pulled a card out of the flowers. instead of a sweet sentiment it said don't be a heroes and demands '50s and 100s. he ran off with the crash. >>> a missouri woman is recovering after being struck by lightning. tina ryan works for the parks service. one colleague whose feet were reportedly hanging out of a truck suddenly cried out. >> the gir
. our guest is an attorney for the american civil liberties union of maryland. maryland law requires here, david, consent from all parties where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. why would there be an expectation of privacy on a public road? >> there plain and simply isn't any expectation of privacy. and i think it's important to remember here that it's a public official who was performing his official duty in public who is claiming that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. and every court that has ever considered that question has said that such officials do not have an expectation of privacy. what we have here is a really extraordinary abuse of power both by the police and by the state's attorney's office that's charging mr. graber. >> and what gets me is that in many cases you have dash camera video now rolling during every traffic stop so that a person is recorded on the side of the road. how is it fair for the cops to do it but not fair for a private citizen to do it? >> that's exactly right. in fact, the maryland state police have those dash cams by virtue of
of landover received the million dollar check from the maryland lottery. wait tost couldn't share the news. she is maryland's newest millionaire. >> oh, my gosh. >> this mother of three it sent in her ultimate paid a scratch off ticket about a month ago. out of 44,000 entries, hers was randomly picked. >> i just happen to say, ok, $1 million, i will buy a couple of scratch offspring >> never did she imagined that the maryland lottery would surprise her what the million dollar check. >> $1 million is a big victory these days. >> after taxes, it is $600,000, money she says will help her children. her daughter is in college, her son is headed there, and her youngest son is disabled. >> i will get my son through college and take care of james, make sure that he received care that he needs. >> she says she would like to use some of the money to work towards getting her nursing degree so she can continue the cycle of giving. isn't that nice? >> i love that story on every level. about well deserving. -- >> well deserving. >>> coming up, 7 on your side with a warning about identity theft. >> next,
. this is brought to you by mazda. take a test drive at your mazda dealer today. >>> and a maryland state trooper is charged with collecting and distributing pornography. here's the latest. >> reporter: good morning, that state trooper is suspended without pay. a tip lead the police to this 47-year-old. he was a maryland state trooper of 12 years. he served on why profile details and on the laptop, the investigators found images of children. the police don't believe he took the photos. the charges of possession and distribution -- back to you. >> two current and two former students at morgan state university are charged with sexual assault. the four attacked a woman in her apartment in north 'baltimore last month. the ball mother sun reports that two play in the university marching band. >>> joe buyen makes a stop in baltimore. he was at the hilton hotel to support o'malley. and the biggest city event started at $250. the recent poll shows the governor race is at a a [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. and build your better breakfast with the new steak
injuries. >> marylanders woke up to an early-morning earthquake. it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake that happened at 5:04 a.m. in germantown area. there are reports of it being felt from york county pennsylvania to virginia. it is the largest earthquake to hit maryland. Ñoçpççç >> good morning. a quick look at h.d. doppler radar. storms in maryland last evening have moved off shore. a couple storm complexes in kentucky. if they make the trip across the mountains and survive, probably that would pass south of us today. it would be on the edge of a boundary between warmer air and drier air to the south. 76 degrees. 87% the humidity. the barometer is down a little bit but showing a rising tendency, and the winds are calm. our forecast partly cloudy. maybe an isolated storm today. a better chance south of us, but even that would be isolated. southwest winds at 7 to 12. 93 to 98 for the high. if you are going to be down in the ocean today, a chance in baltimore for a scattered thunderstorm or two. partly cloudy forecast for saturday and sunday. 88 for the high on sunday. >> thank
, maryland has been indicted on a long list of sex offenses. authorities alleged that he had sex with two 15-year-old female students in a classroom at a school on a number of occasions. in december of 2009 through february of 2010. >> i have four jordan of my own in prince george county schools. i have concerns about our children being saved in the schools, i understand the public's reaction. >> after its initial arrest in june, he was removed from the classroom and eventually terminated. no one answered the door at his tunnels in laurel. hawala and has been issued for his arrest. >-- a warrant has been issued. >> you should not violate children's trust. >> she says not supposed to take advantage of children. >> the girls trusted him and for in to take advantage is sickening. >>> time for traffic and weather. >> wheatland lisa baden. what is the latest? >> 340 north is closed before getting to harper's ferry. the crash at becher takerton street. 270 looks great. let's go to a couple of maps. getting to virginia, giving you the green light on route 4, route 5, a great trip right now to annap
. it will hopefully stay quiet. 270 is great, i 70. nothing out of southern maryland. good in virginia. 95, 395, and 66. let's show you 95 traffic in fairfax. let's show you video in stafford county. route 3 remains closed at federal drive. this is a train derailment that have happened yesterday. that is still closed as the cleanup. let's go to alan caskey. >>> summertime hibernation is what we will look for today. go to the basement if you have one. hibernate. 77 and culpeper right now, 75 in frederick, 77 in herndon, 80 in landover. the dewpoint are in the mid to upper 60's. some locations are in the low 70's. there's humidity in the air. an easterly winds will kick in tonight, which will increase the humidity. added humidity tomato. the key is we will stop off some of the temperature is outside. highs will be in the low to mid 90 tomorrow afternoon. let's go to the almanac data. 100 to yesterday at reagan national, one degree shy of tying the record of 103. 99 is the record high temperature today. we have a good chance of tying it. 88 is still the average for today. we are close to that for
a shower to the north and east of cumberland along the pennsylvania/maryland border. this is now moving off to the east. 77 degrees in washington and 71 at dulles airport and 93 will be and coming up in the next half hour, another 90-degree day for new york. and gorgeous weather for the northwest coast, robin. >> looking forward to that. thank you, sam. >>> now, to the brewing battle between sarah palin and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. mayor bloomberg supports building a muslim center just steps from ground zero. sarah palin says it would stop hearts. dan harris from the site of the proposed mosque. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is the building where they want to build the muslim center. it would be open to everybody. it would include things like a gym and what they're calling a prayer center, which they insist is not a mosque. the organizers say sarah palin is mischaracterizing this project. and they're not the only ones reacting. >> this house of evil, will be the birthplace of the next terrorist event. >> reporter: new york city was already aflame with
at the naacp asaturdays -- awards. >>> stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. >>> websites that can n ,,,,,,,, >>> rain-free thursday. welcome back to the "early show," everybody. coming up, a closer look at airline fees. as we heard earlier this morning, congress is thinking about new rules to make those fees more transparent to consumers. so, how would you make flying -- how would that make flying better? our rebecca jarvis will take alook at that. >>> ahead, another foul-mouth tape, number four here -- >> who's counting? >> i've lost count. his team claiming those tapes have been edited. the damage could be done. we'll have the latest on that. we'll take a look at how gibson wrote a check, a very large check to an organization in boston that protects domestic violence victims. we'll speak to a woman from there this morning. >>> we want to get this bomb shell that has everyone from washington to wasilla talking. it's the on again/off again bristol and levi engagement. >> reporter: for the first time, bristol palin, levi johnston and their son tripp posed together as a happy family i
, the exit for new hampshire avenue. >> the race for governor of maryland is rematch of 2006. this time rules reverses. the current governor will joi ♪ >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. the 15th of july, 2010. nice view in the distance, the statue of liberty. lady liberty, the new york harbor, as taken from the top of the rock above our theater in rockefeller center. that was a nice, warm, muggy day here in manhattan. we'll go outside to say hi to those people in just a little while. the music, by the way, is our way of reminding you that grammy winner will be here for a live concert tomorrow morning in our 8:30 half hour. inside studio 1a i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. and coming up, they're shocking, their offensive, but are they the real thing? there are reports that mel gibson's camp now claims to have proof that those much talked about audio recordings we've been hearing so much of were edited or altered. we'll have an expert on audio listen to them. we did that. we're going to tell you what that expert thinks straight ahead. >>> also ahead, you search bottle bomb on the
favorite movie quotes of all time. where are you ladies from? >> maryland. >> where in maryland? >> bel air. under baltimore. >> dig down deem and you find bel air. thank you, ladies. let's check your weather and see what's happening. a flood threat, philadelphia on into central new jersey, southern new jersey. that rain moving up and through and on into new england. rainfall amounts generally about a half inch to an inch of rain. we also have a risk of strong storms back through the upper midwest. in fact, strong storms from wisconsin on into minnesota. hail two inches in diameter. we have severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches throughout parts of eastern minnesota right now. heavy rain anywhere from >> we are off to a fairly quiet start but there is a chance for a few more showers and thunderstorms as we go out early this afternoon. it should clear up l >>> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >>> al, thank you. the cat is now out of the bag. the daughter of former alaska governor sarah palin is back together with levi johnston, the father of her infant son and, get this, the
. he suffered five heart attacks. the first when he was 37. >>> a maryland man will be charged with drunk driving, after police say he hit several parked cars and then crashed into a store. customers describe a terrifying scene, as they saw the car heading straight for them inside a crowded store. thankfully, though, no one was seriously hurt. >>> and it was open season on beachgoers in san diego. at least 30 swimmers and surfers were injured by stingrays yesterday. most of the victims were stung in the leg and treated on the beach. but two were taken to an area hospital. experts say such a large number of stingray attacks is unusual but not unprecedented. >>> the second half of baseball's season gets under way tonight. and golf's third major tournament of the year, the british open, begins in scotland. as for highlights of other sports, we get those from espn news. >> good morning. i'm max bretos. a slow sports day. but the tour de france, stage ten. riders went through the southern alps. look at this, two french riders. take the first climb in unison. nay shake their hands. i
early this morning in durwood, maryland. police are still investigating that accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> if you're riding metro this weekend add some time to your trip. there will be work on the red, yellow and blue lines. on the represented line delays between new york avenue and brentwood and shady groef and twinbrook. blue line, braddock road and van dorn stations and between braddock and huntington on the yellow line. metro suggests you add 30 minutes to your trip. weather is coming up next. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>>ing meteorologist kim martucci is in storm center 4 with a look at today's weather which is not fair. >> hardly. rather humid, aaron. good morning to you. we got the muggies outside. let's take a look at the required and satellite loop pap cluster of storms moving into west virginia. those have a shot of hitting sout
maryland, stafford, and no indication that they are severe. r temperatures are plenty warm. we have hit 90 or better for the seventh consecutive day. 83 in fairfax, 90 in leesburg. more heat and humidity ahead in the forecast just a few minutes away, gordon. >>> thank you. now back to the gulf of mexico where the waiting and watching continues. we now know where some of the oil is coming for. >> they announced testing will go on for one more day. we are monitoring the new developments. scott? >> within just a few miles of the bp well as there are two other wells. one of them is abandoned and one and not in production. it is believed that the leak is from one of those two wells. it is not uncommon, and we are told that it is not a huge concern. hardly an excuse to rest easy. inside the bp command center, every bauble, a drop of oil is counted and considered. today, answers on the leaks. >> we have five a very small leaks around the league up printer on like an oil leak -- not unlike an oil leak you have in your car. >> they will continue testing for 24 hours. there were calls for change on
there. that is over northern maryland. that is an area of low pressure. that is continuing to push off to the east, and the clouds will continue to clear from the west to east. leesburg clear right now. we should see enough sun to get temperatures up into the upper 80's. then some fog cannot be ruled out tonight. tomorrow looking very sunny. highs in the low to mid 90's. not just tomorrow but on into friday. from unsettled to settle. >>> this is the shocker of the day. the daughter of sarah palin is getting married. "us magazine" says she is a engaged to leave by johnston. they split up two months after their son's birth. the recently announced they were packing things up for the suns say. the plan came as a surprise to sarah palin. >>> montgomery county celebrated the grand opening of a new addition to a firehouse in silver springs. the fire chief toured the volunteer fire department. it features more sleeping quarters and a training in meeting room as well. >>> writers were stranded on a hot air -- riders that were stranded on june 21 are now eligible for five and vip day passes. eac
to get more crowd maryland the u.s. in the time it takes to go down to the wire, 801 babies will be born. that's 267 newborns a minute. and all those births are helping fuel a population boom. researchers say by next year planet earth will have 7 billion people. a report shows the u.s., australia, canada and new zo zealand will continue to grow because of higher birthrates and immigration. >>> a wild scene in southwest france. the bull going bonkers is the big draw. unlike spaniards at the running of the bulls, the french it seem try to stand their ground against the raging beasts and don't do too well. ouch. in france, a tour bus goes into the drink. but wouldn't you know the sunk bus became quite the tourist attraction of its own. >>> in london, you can now easily bypass a tour bus for a bicycle. in a move to go greener, the city has made bikes available for rent. all throughout the city. >>> sarah palin is getting ready for her next big book signing tour after the huk success of going rogue. the publisher unveiled this book cover today. it won't hit stores until november. >>> jill bid
park, maryland. tracy wilkins reports. >> left some major damage. downed trees. like this one at 16th and military road made for an early morning mess. it was at the takoma park section of montgomery county where the most suffered from early morning power outages. at its height, they record 3,300 customers without power. >> for montgomery county, we're looking at crews in some areas with wires down. it started after the second of three storm that came through after about midnight. >> reporter: classes were delayed at the community college until noon due to a power outage at the school. that have the crews were able to restore three feed enters into the area and by mid morning, power to many homes was restored. with just a few scattered outages remain. >> not as bad as the area yesterday but the storm when it wrapped around trees and hours, it is a process. >> reporter: news4. >>> for most customers, power was restored by noon today. >>> are we gun this stormy stuff for a while? >> that's the question. veronica johnson has the answer. >> hey there, jim and pat. we're definitely gun the
on backup generators. at the u.s. naval academy in maryland, an endurance test in this heat proved too much for four mid shipmen who are now being treated for heat exhaustion. and the extreme temperatures are even keeping trains from running on time. there have been equipment lockdowns and a.c. failures, staaling service on amtrak's northeast corridor. temperatures in the hundreds and upper 90s are spreading across the country. take a look at this weather map. and you get a sense of just how uncomfortable it is out there. let's head over to new york's times square. how does it feel out there, peter? >> you know, chris, some people's mixed fortune are other people's marketing opportunity. maybe it's not 99 degrees at the moment. the real problem is the heat index that the weather channel tells us is going to reach 100 degrees. that's why if you're turning on the ac at home, keep it at 78 degrees at that opportunity. >> it's hot in georgia. we're excited about seeing new york. >> give us a sense of how you deal with the heat. you're a veteran heat expert as a georgian. what are you going to d
in northern maryland. plenty of clouds with a passing, brief shower possible. sunshine later today. and heat and humidity return tomo >>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >>> al, thank you very much. the alleged barefoot bandit, 19-year-old colton harris-moore appears in a courtroom today after he was deported to the u.s. on tuesday following that high-speedboat chase and arrest in the bahamas. nbc's peter alexander is in miami with with the latest on this story. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. this morning colton harris-moore is right here in miami at the federal detention center. it's just less than 24 hours after authorities paraded him into court in the bahamas. we were inside the courtroom at the time when harris-moore pleaded guilty, calmly, to just a single minor offense. but here in the u.s. he could face much more serious charges. under heavy security, colton harris-moore arrived back here tuesday night capping a long day that began in the bahamas. with the suspect marched to a nassau court wearing clean high-topped shoes without laces, a bahamas t-
every bite can be uncommonly good. >>> now the forecast certified by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good looking shot downtown, but it is a muggy, muggy afternoon. a muggy morning, i should say, turned into a humid afternoon. 75 down in annapolis. down at the harbor, a pair of 7's. these temperatures are our launching pad for the 90s later today. dew point measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. that makes the temperature, you know, even worse. we are thinking 93 today, but the real feel numbers will be into the middle 90s. a good clear wedge across west virginia, down into the carolinas. we are going to watch this cold front come in going into saturday. the potential of downpours. it takes the front just towards our western sections with some storms developing over the blue ridge mountains, friday night going into saturday. once again, like we saw yesterday, high pressure builds in for the weekend and it stays hot. 93 degrees, mostly sunny, hot, and humid. we will drop it to 73. fog will develop. temperatures will be into the 90s t. will feel l
the morning commute and lisa baden. >>> you may want to sit tight out of frederick county, maryland. we have a series of problems and the latest one is a crash on southbound 270 @ urbana. it is a 50 minute ride from 70 to get into clarksburg. this is german tamper in this is a shady grove road and we are redeveloping. virginia is not quite as difficult but plenty of traffic nonetheless. i-395 has delays at duke street to the pentagon and to the 14th street bridge. cohen >>> bright sunshine and 75 degrees in laurel, maryland. it will be a beautiful day and hot and humid. you feel the humidity everywhere and there is no escaping it anytime 7 perry and -- any time soon. 93 will be the high-temperature this afternoon. it will be straightforward weather today and tomorrow. by saturday, a slight chance of a few late day storms and low 90's over the weekend. >> we will be right back with 90's over the weekend. >> we will be right back with all look at some this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sourc
, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >>> 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 20th of july, 2010. 41 years after man first walked on the moon, these folks have stepped on the rockefeller plaza. one small step for man. we're going to head outside. >> cheapening something that was so significant. that's what we do around here. >>> ib side studio 1a i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. >> the troubled actress is set to begin serving 90 days in jail. how is she feeling about it? coming up, what she had to say on twitter. plus the latest why her new high-profile lawyer robert shapiro has reportedly quit. >>> also ahead, an unsettling disorder, animal hoarding. could you imagine living with more than 250 cats in your home? in a moment. the shocking story of a couple who did just that and we'll talk to a woman who is currently being treated for the disorder. >>> plus, mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend take their bitter custody battle to court. >>> let's begin with the day that lindsay lohan has feared for some time. she is scheduled to surrender for
on the beltway. let's look at some earlier video that showed the medevac rescue. according to maryland state police we had a tractor-trailer rear-end a box truck just past the baltimore national pike to pass that exit. and the box truck driver was medevaced from the scene because of a heavy loss of blood. he's expected to survive. we'll have more details on-line at abc2news.com. right now pretty much a traffic nightmare. keep this in mind. i would avoid the west side of the beltway, both inner loop and outer loop if at all possible because you're going to experience lengthy delays. other traffic incidents, we're working an accident up in reisterstown at butler road and falls road. also another crash reported in nottingham, eastbound lanes of whitemarsh boulevard at belair road. stay with us because justin berk will have the weather update in a bit. >>> 7:27. we had big storms yesterday afternoon and evening. we're still tracking the storm that erupted over chestertown, knocked trees down on cars. the investigation continues today. we've had leftover clouds this morning. they've blown away. t
'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for e we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. [ cheers and applause ] >>> it's always fun. have a great day, everyone. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning. here's your day planner for your day today. a chance of thunderstorms and showers. that's a good bet, and it will be humid out there. temperatures will be in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. we will go over to the radar, and we are seeing showers and storms on radar out there, and you can see the radar right in here. that's not it. here's the radar shot. showers starting to build back into the area, and we are keeping an eye on northern carroll county and that's going to make its wa
. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >>> so, when you think of all your favorite songs, the songs that became the soundtrack of your life, what is the year you scroll back to? for grammy award-winning singer and song writer, marc cohn, that year was 1970. he has come out with a new cd that's a collection of songs from that year. it's called "listening booth 1970." he's here right now. i love that idea. but why 1970? >> i was around 11 years old. and the music you hear around that age, really burns in. it stays with you the longest. moves you the most. and that was the case with me. it happened to be also just when the beatles broke up. and the three, main writers came solo artists. and each came out with an amazing album that year. so did cat stevens, neil young. all for me, are benchmarks of great albums. >> and you give back the image of the listening booth in the record store. a store in shakers square, in cleveland. i grew up in cleveland. >> you grew up in cleveland? you remember shaker square. there was jo
. baltimore city and maryland state officials are taking action to prevent heat-related deaths. the number this year is reportedly doubled the amount compared to last year. the state says it will make sure 15 cooling centers will be open for those who needed to find one, visit our website, wbaltv.com. now let's look of the forecast with john collins. are we going to get a break from the heat? >> doesn't look like it. we are about 80 right now. the system that has brought us the rain is moving offshore. it is very humid it still buried another cold front of the west coming in for the weekend. it stays very tropical and monday for the next few days. mostly sunny, the day. 90 to 93 for the high. seven-day forecasts has us in the mid-to-upper-nineties on friday. >> thank you for joining us. what an update at 9:55 ♪ ♪ baby you like it the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby you like come on and give me some more ♪ ♪ oh, yes i like it scream like never before ♪ ♪ i like it i like it ♪ >> that's enrique iglesias, i like it. >> you obviously like it. >> he be live in our summer co
. they put raw cookie dough on the dashboard in frederick, maryland. it baked the cookies to a crisp and, sadly, they kind of looked delicious. well, the group wanted to show a more serious point here. how dangerous it is to leave pets and children in the car on a hot day. point taken. >>> charlie rangel is facing some serious ethics charges, but it's the impact his case may have on the mid-term elections that has democrats really nervous. more on that straight ahead. ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's new beneful incredibites. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. whoa! wait for me! ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] new beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. ♪ [ male announcer ] we make them beautiful. ♪ we make them tougher. ♪ we make them legendary. we make them better... ♪ to make your life better. ♪ and we've never made one... quite li
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, we're going to be looking >> sunny skies, high in central maryland of 93 degrees. on the beach, a little bit better, at 84 degrees. better, at 84 degrees. >>> and don't forget you can check your weather any time of the day or night on weather channel on cable, and the brand-new weather.com online. matt? >> all right, al, got it. thanks very much. up next, a warning to parents and teens about a popular teen prank known as bottle bombs. it's not a laughing matter. we'll talk about it right after this. @q pw,c @$p?p? >>> we're back at 7:44 and this morning on "today investigates" a new kind of teen prank that could land kids in jail, or even worse. "today" national correspondent natalie morales is here with details. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, meredith. yes, my neighborhood actually recently got a warning about this prank, as have a lot of neighborhoods across the country. they're called bottle bombs. devices that kids make at home, then set off as jokes. but as you're about to see, the consequences are anything but funny. they start as simple teen misch
, on line in your way. >> this week on "the communicators," the maryland attorney general and cable europe president, tonight on c- span 2. >> for a snapshot of washington and the 111th congress, the c- span congressional directory, i reference guide to supreme court justices, house members, state justices and more. online pabst c-span.org -- online at c-span.org/store. c-span, bringing you a direct link to politics, history, and nonfiction books, created by america's cable companies. >> "washington journal" continues. host: susan ferrechio, from "the washington examiner," joining us to talk about the washington summer agenda. they do not have a lot of time before they break again for august. what are the top five items on their agenda before they leave again? guest: you are right, they do not have a lot of time. particularly in the house. it is the senate where most of the action takes place. it will take about five weeks. depending on whether or not they want to stick around. the big thing in this work. will be the nomination of elena kagan -- the big thing in this work period will be th
, maryland. david, are you with us? caller: hello? host: welcome. i see that you are calling on the democratic line. go right ahead. do you think that national security and intelligence security are keeping us safe? caller: know. if it was about the bloated budget that we have, what about one week ago? but why would like to say to all of the chicken hawk republicans, if you would like to balance the budget, bring the military people home and save that money, but the fbi and the cia do the job they did not do after 9/11. bush gave medals the people that should have been fired. someone it messes with us? we turn them into a parking lot. simple. thank you. host: looking at politics in "usa today," the reflections of an anxious electorate." "new to politics, this stay at home mom has become the director of the local tea party patriots, leaving some of the headed up to -- leading some of the had it up to hear conservatives. their favorite candidate has gone from longshot the front runner in his race against a former lieutenant governor, who is backed by the republican establishmen
'm kimberly suiters. we're following breaking news in maryland. a fire at a lumper yard in wo s woodsboro, board of frederick. there's extensive damage to the building. this is on main street in woodsboro. no reports of any injuries and no word yet on what may have cause this fire. >>> we're going check your weather and tr >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. temperatures around the region low to mid-70s, highs mid-90s and still quite humid. could get some passing storms 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. more tomorrow. still hot on thursday and friday. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> 395 delays begin at the beltway to the new lane configuration at the 14th street bridge. the rush hour wining down although we have signal problems georgia avenue just inside the beltway in silver spring. >>> coming up this morning on news 4 midday laser hair removal is >>> 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 20th of july, 2010. 41 years after man first walked on the moon, these folks have stepped on the rockefeller plaza. one small step for man. we're going to head outside. >> cheapening something that was so s
.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia and delaware say they felt it. wolf, did you feel it? you are in bethesda, right? >> yes, i felt it. i jumped out of bed and i didn't know what was going on. it lasted for 15 or 20 seconds and might not have lasted that long, but it shook me. you don't live far from me, and did you feel it? >> yeah, we both live in bethesda, maryland, and i did feel it and i knew what it was, because i have grown up in areas with earthquakes, so my husband and i both looked at each other and said earthquake, so we knew what was going on, but it was a little stunning, because it is not something that you encounter everyday? >> no, i have lived in this area for 35 years and i never have felt it. i have experienced earthquakes in california and mexico, so i knew what it was, but it was very strange. thank you very much. let's hope it does not happen again, and there are no aftershocks. >>> did disgruntled state workers collect data on people they suspected of being illegal immigrants, breaking the law themselves in the process? standby. >>> and also, concern ab
:26. here is a look at some of our top stories. maryland police have issued an amber alert. he is a two year-old hispanic male described as 3 foot and fort inches. the child was last seen wearing a red shirt. the child is believed to have been abducted a 22 year-old hispanic male described as being 5 feet 8 inches. he as a tattoo on his neck. he is believed to be driving a black nissan with maryland tags. anyone with informations is asked to immediately call 9-1-1. a dance floor turned deadly for a marina about to be deployed to afghanistan. he was shot in the chester around 3:15 friday morning after an altercation. the victim was from new orleans and was celebrating with fellow marines before their deployment. >> we need people to start getting out rage. this is a war veteran. he was gunned down for no good reason at all. >> anyone with information is asked to come forward. he is the third service member to be murdered in baltimore city this year. in baltimore county, police are trying to figure out how a car slammed into a home. it happened last night. it is a corvette. >> my friend out on
. traffic is flowing out of manassas all the way into vienna. we have a crash at 29 in maryland southbound coming out of columbia and 50 west out a bowie had an accident. there are delays on 270. >>> we will have record-breaking highs this weekend. we will be back up to 100 degrees but it will be brief. in the 80 pause right now and the dew point is falling but the temperature will be high. it will be 95 for the high temperature and a lot of sunshine. you will not feel too much of a change the despite the low humidity. a slight chance of storms into the weekend. >>> mount vernon is undergoing improvements to help the disabled. accessible walkways, closed captioning for their films, and sign language and audio tours will be added for the deaf and blind for the changes come after an agreement between the justice department and the mount vernon ladies' association. we will be back with another ladies' association. we will be back with another update ♪ >>> jennifer lopez singing "louboutin." a little something. this is george. i'm robin on this -- one more alarm clock, we like to say. one mo
charges for running a brothel out of a waldorf, maryland, house. after a month-long investigation, police found three adults and a 17-year-old girl working as prostitutes in the home. >>> a billboard that put president obama in the same class as hitler and lenin has now been taken down in iowa. the sign appeared last week and was taken down today. the tea party leader who commissioned the billboard said he agreed with citizen friction his own party who said it went too far. >>> and despite drug concerns, avandia will stay on the mark. a panel of expert commissioned by the fda made that recommendation today. it used to be one of the most popular diabetes drugs on the mark but a 2007 study linking the drug to an increased risk for heart attack and death caused sales to plummet. the fda will take the advisory panel's suggestion under consideration, and issue a final ruling in the coming months. now let's fast forward to the weather. >> we'll be clearing out tonight and there right now, take a look at the city cam. a few clouds currently. but by the time we get to about now, we're after sunse
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